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The Watsonville Starlings program is set up not only to develop strong athletes,
but also STRONG LEADERS.   Recently, high school students are becoming
more and more busy with school and non-school activities and research shows
that the more a student participates in activities that promote positive social and
emotional development the more successful they are in their future.  

Starlings has developed a program that introduces the sport to younger athletes
and uses trained high school Junior Coaches to run the programs.   Junior
coaches participate in a two day 12 hour training to prepare them to be more
confident, to work more effectively with younger athletes and techniques on how
to run team sports.  Through a combination of activities, drills and instruction,
Junior Coaches will become more confident, coordinated and focused on the
tasks they are given.

More information on training and the beginning of the program will be posted
soon.  If you wish to be contacted regarding this program please fill out the
information on the following
204 Broadway
Santa Cruz Ca, 95060